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Project Description

A RESTFul Library using ASP.NET MVC 2.0 This project has just started and is in early development.


RESTful services provide exposing data resources over http through urls. This project leverages off ASP.NET MVC2 to expose data (models) in a RESTful nature. The second objective is to get input from other talented and experienced individuals, adjusting the framework into a solid RESTful framework. In the process it introduces a learning curve for everyone.


  • Uses attributed controllers to implement RESTful functionality
  • Supports simple GET, PUT, POST, DELETE on url
  • XML and JSON serialisation
  • Security using controller attributes

Still in progress

  • Early days in developement
  • ETag support
  • Full HTML 1.1 conformance

Developers Wanted

The project is looking for C# developers to extend the functionality of the library.

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